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Lae ‘ula O Kai’s Tag Team Relay

Posted in Long Distance Races 2011 with tags , , , , , on August 12, 2011 by Laura_Greene

I’ve just been looking back at last year’s post about this very same race – it was my first experience of long-distance paddling and it’s easy to see from my blog how excited we all were about it last year.

This year’s no different. I can’t wait. Tomorrow is Lae ‘ula’s Tag Team Relay and it should be great – especially for the Novice Bs, who’ll be feeling the same anticipation that we had last year. We’ll be down in numbers from last time around and just using one boat but no matter what, we’re going to have a great time.

The race stretches from Ka Lae Pohaku in Kihei to Hankao’o/Canoe Beach in Lahaina and measures in around 22 miles. It’s a distance race but it’s definitely fun and a great way to get geared up for the next few races. Views from the water of the pali and the westside are fantastic too.

Apart from the crews who do the 22 miles ‘iron’, the race is split up into segments – of which the crew (one men’s, one women’s) switch out at various points along the way.

The changes are at Haycraft, “Grandma’s’, Olowalu, Launiupoko and Mala Ramp – with the final stretch running from Mala to Canoe Beach.

The race is set to start at 8am and our boat is already rigged and ready to go, so all we have to do is car pool and head over to Kihei in the morning.

Last year was definitely a learning curve for this race – know we know the chaos that awaits when hundreds of paddlers are running over the highway, jumping into the water and scrambling to find the right boat to jump into. We’ll also try to prevent any broken bones this time (Jenny) and will have some snacks and drinks on standby to keep up going. Whether or not Lahaina Canoe Club will drop in and surf a wave at the Ole Longboard Classic at Launiupoko tomorrow remains to be seen, they did pretty well last year…

I’ll be back with pictures and news from the race, enjoy!

Mahalo for reading, Laura Greene


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